Support and Recovery Groups


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Riseup Society offers support groups for those impacted by domestic abuse within their intimate partner relationships. They are based on the understanding that profound healing is most often experienced in the context of a safe and supportive community. All groups focus on educating participants on the dynamics and impact of abuse, and on assisting them in their journey towards a holistic healing of mind, body and spirit.
Phase I is an introductory group and Phase II is an advance group for those who have previously participated in therapy or an introductory group.

Phase I: Abuse in Intimate Partner Relationships: Understanding, Healing, and Moving Forward Introductory Support Group for Persons Impacted by Intimate Partner Abuse

This support group is an educational and interactive group that runs for 9 weeks.
The group is designed for persons either presently in an abusive relationship or for those struggling with the affects of a previous abusive relationship. The program focuses on types of abuse and the impact abuse has on partners and families. It identifies how to recognize the characteristics of abusers and warning signs to abusive relationships. A look at healthy relationships, self-care and moving forward complete the program. The participants are encouraged to ask questions and share their information and stories.
Call the office at 780-739-7473 to register and for more information.

Phase II – Healing and Recovery from the Impact of Intimate Partner Abuse Group Description

This advanced support group is ideal for persons who have attending counseling and/or other workshops and have a good understanding of the characteristics of abusers and warning signs of abusive relationships. The group will focus on the participants’ resilience and lived experiences of recovery and healing from intimate partner abuse. With its emphasis on deeper healing and growth, the group is intended to further empower those recovering by providing a safe and supportive environment where they can re-examine their present psychological challenges and wellbeing and evaluate possible future choices.

Call the office at 780-739-7473 to register and for more information.