Specialty Support Groups

Labyrinth Walk

An introduction to the meditative labyrinth walk is offered as demand requires.  

Grief Support Group

This group is also offered as demand requires.  The ten-week grief processing and support group will focus on issues connected with the experience of grief and loss. Grief Processing Support Group builds on the foundation of gained through other groups or experiences.  With its emphasis on deeper healing and growth, the Grief Processing Support Group is intended to further empower those recovering by providing a safe and supportive environment where they can gain advanced knowledge and skills to process in more holistic ways their profound and often compounded experiences of grief which will allow them to move more easily from brokenness to physical, psychological and spiritual wholeness.

No Grief Support Group currently offered – contact Riseup at 780-739-7473 if you would be interested in this group.

Knitting Support Group

‘The physical pain I was experiencing was my body’s way of getting my attention, and it wouldn’t go away until I could let go of the anger and fear that I still carried from the chaotic events that I had thought to be safely in the past.’

~Excerpt from ‘Just Keep Knitting’: A journey of healing through forgiveness, faith, and fibre by Lonna Cunningham

Join us at the knitting support group to discuss how to let go of anger and fear. No previous knitting experience necessary.

The Knitting Support Group is not currently being offered, however if you would be interested in this group, please contact us at (780) 739-7473 for more information.