Individual Counselling

Riseup offers individual counselling to those who have experienced the trauma of intimate partner violence and abuse.  Any form of abuse has the potential to have a deep and long-term effect on someone’s ability to live life fully. Unravelling the complexities is difficult, and often requires the help of a trained and caring counsellor.  Riseup Counsellors specialize in the area of intimate partner violence. 


Riseup consistently accepts new clients and will endeavor to arrange an appointment with 6 working days.  

Karin Stewart offers relational and insight-oriented Psychotherapy.  She has a Masters in Psychotherapy and Spirituality, BSc. in Biology, BA in Slavonic Language Studies (certified and insured with Canadian Counselling and Psychotherapy Association)

Darlene Mievre, is a Clinical Psychologist.  She specializes in Cognitive Behaviour Therapy and Solution Focused Therapy.

Contact Riseup at (780) 739-7473 arrange an  appointment.