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mission & vision

Established in 2007 Riseup Society Alberta (Riseup) is an equipping and healing outreach centre responding to the reality of domestic violence and abuse. Riseup provides individual and group support, counselling and resources for those impacted by intimate partner violence and educates individuals and community groups about preventing and addressing intimate partner violence.

Riseup Society Alberta is a Registered Charity and relies on the generous contributions of individuals, businesses and organizations.

Riseup Society Alberta exists so that those who have or are experiencing intimate partner violence, gain support, are empowered, and realize hope.

Riseup Society Alberta brings hope and healing to those who have or are experiencing intimate partner violence and educates and empowers communities to end that abuse.


Equality – We value all people as having equal worth and dignity and embrace full gender equality within all spheres of life.

Empowerment – We value increasing the psychological, educational, emotional and spiritual strength, and sense of self-worth of those persons impacted by intimate partner violence.

Compassion – We value altruistic compassion, active listening, and caring support as foundational to the provision of all Riseup Society Alberta services.

Accessibility – We value a safe welcoming presence within the community and providing confidential barrier-free services for all Riseup Society Alberta clients.

Innovation – We value being uniquely equipped in providing therapeutic practices and resources that are holistic, insightful, innovative, and specific to those persons impacted by intimate partner violence.

Excellence – We value quality, evidence-based practices, and the pursuit of excellence in all Riseup Society Alberta programs, resources, and communications..

Education – We value individuals and communities becoming educated and empowered to address the impacts and underlying dynamics of intimate partner violence.

Collaboration – We value working with others and recognize collaboration as being essential in realizing a society free of intimate partner violence.