Seminar Participant Comments

The seminar was excellent. The material was well presented. It speaks to the heart of the Christian community about a most difficult subject.

The seminar gave me a real sense of what abuse looks like and feels like.

I learned about the role the church has played in contributing to abuse; and the power of the church to redeem. Thank you for recognizing the need for the church to be a primary resource for those dealing with family violence.

The seminar taught me more in depth what abuse is really about and how to respond.

I learned many truths about abuse and erased the myths I used to believe.

I learned the importance of supporting someone who is a victim of family violence and how to make a safe environment for her to be able to share her experiences. I am beginning to understand where a victim of abuse is coming from; I learned about the belief system of an abuser, and how it plays a role in an abuser’s actions.

We appreciated having Joanne Van Beek from Riseup Ministries as one of our main presenters at the Family Violence Prevention Seminar at Leduc Fellowship Church. The seminar was informative and created awareness on specific issues related to Family Violence, especially as it relates to the church. Our staff and volunteers valued the opportunity to be educated about different types of abuse, myths of abusive behavior, developing a safety plan, etc. Joanne’s communication style is highly effective and adaptive to various learning styles. We are grateful for her heart and passion in helping those affected by family violence.

Judy Tabler, Care Ministry Director /Social Worker Ed Fuellbrandt / Interim Pastor


Support Group Participant Comments

This group went above and beyond what I had expected or imagined.

The support group is excellent and totally worth the commitment. It’s a safe and greatly informative environment.

This group is very informative; it helped me to have the words to express what I have been sensing, feeling and thinking but couldn’t express.

I learned there are others in my situation. Learning about an abuser’s profile and the cycle of abuse helped me to make sense of what has been happening to me.

This group helped me process my experiences; it answered my questions, raised other questions and got me thinking….

Riseup Ministries Support Group is a safe place to learn and explore abuse and the effects of it; a place where I can be honest, vulnerable and be transformed.


Counselling Client Comments

Thank you for being there for me. It helped to hold me together.

God does work in mysterious ways. I am so grateful He brought you into my life. With more appreciation than you will ever know.

A saying goes, “Many people will walk in & out of your life…but only a few will leave footprints on your heart”. You are definitely one.

There aren’t adequate words to describe how I feel inside. Thank you.

What a divine appointment.