Our History

Led by the passion and vision of a small team, the service was established in 2007 under the name of Riseup Ministry.  The initial service aimed to help support women affected by domestic abuse in the greater Leduc community.  Beginning with a handful of counselling sessions and a small support group in a home office, the initiative grew quickly as the true scope of the need presented itself.

In 2009, the service relocated to a small heritage home located conveniently off main street in Leduc and the name changed to reflect the location, Riseup House. In 2015 Riseup again moved and again the name changed to Riseup Society Alberta.   Riseup Society Alberta (Riseup) is located behind Tier3 IT (formerly Cottage Computers) off 50th Street where we continue to provide individual counselling and a variety of innovative support groups.  

Riseup Society Alberta has transformed into a counseling agency that provides services to men and women who are struggling with the effects of intimate partner violence.  The activities at Riseup include individual counselling, group counseling, retreats, referrals and workshops. We also provide education to the community and raise awareness through media, presentations, and community involvement.

The purpose of our charity is to address specific problems faced by individuals struggling with the effects of intimate partner violence by providing individual counseling, group counseling, retreats and/or workshops and to provide community education and awareness to the general public.

Riseup provides service to any adult who meets the mandate of “struggling with the effects of intimate partner abuse”.  Residence, age, gender or the ability to pay are not a barrier to accessing services from Riseup Society Alberta.