About Riseup

What is Riseup Society Alberta

  • Riseup Society Alberta (Riseup) is a registered charity.
  • Since 2007 Riseup has provided individual and group counseling to persons struggling with the affects of Intimate Partner Violence (IPV).
  • In 2018 Riseup provided more than 1000 hours of professional counseling

Who do we Serve?

  • The majority of our clientele is female however we provide services to men and women.
  • Counseling is free for the first 6 sessions, clients are encouraged to contribute to the organization if they are able.
  • Inability to pay does not impact their access to counseling.

What is Intimate Partner Violence

  • For both men and women, physical IPV victimization was associated with increased risk of current poor health; depressive symptoms; substance use; and developing a chronic disease, chronic mental illness, and injury.

Incidence of Intimate Partner Violence

  • In a General Social Survey, Statistics Canada found almost equal proportions of men and women (7% and 8% respectively) had been the victims of intimate partner physical and psychological abuse (18% and 19% respectively)
    • 67% of the population have been in or know someone who has experience a violent relationship 
    • IPV affects 29% of Canadian women – that is more women than are affected by breast cancer and depression. 
  • Alberta maintains the third-highest rate in the country (historically Alberta has been first or second).